Class Preparation


Math Snacks: Number Rights – Demonstrates fractions on a number line

Fraction Plate – Shows simple fractions using paper plates

Fractions with Pattern Blocks – For grades 5-6. Making sense of fractions with pattern blocks

Solving Problems with Fraction Strips

Modeling Dividing Fractions by Fractions


The class began with a lesson from peers on fractions. We were given recipes with problems to solve using manipulatives. For example, Elmo wanted to double the cookie recipe because he knew his friend, the cookie monster, really likes cookies and 10 wouldn’t be enough. Using the manipulatives we had to figure out how much of each ingredient we needed in order to double the recipe.

The pattern blocks are a really useful way of looking at fractions without using just pizzas and pies.


The pattern blocks can all be broken into triangles, so if you wanted a student to find the fraction of red in the image the student would have to figure out how many triangles are in the image to find the denominator and the amount of triangles that are red to figure out the numerator. In the image below the red would be 6 triangles and the whole is  24 so 6/24 is 1/4.