Class Prep

Computational Strategies to Promote Fluency with Basic Facts Karen Sutton from Creative Mathematics

I really enjoyed this video. Karen is a great speaker and gives solid strategies for teaching basic math facts. I would definitely be interested in watching more of her videos for other areas of math.

To Master Basic Math Facts: Strategize, Then Memorize from Parent Tool Kit Blog

Great blog with useful information and strategies to use when working with children.

Timed Tests and the Development of Math Anxiety by Jo Boaler

This article contains really interesting research on the effects of timed math tests on the human brain. “In Beilock’s recent research conducted with children in 1st and 2nd grade, she found that levels of math anxiety did not correlate with grade level, reading level, or parental income. For the most capable students, the research confirms, stress impedes the functioning of their working memory and reduces achievement. Research conducted at Stanford revealed that math anxiety changes the structure and workings of the brain.” It was really interesting to read that anxiety was highest among the highest achieving students in the class. I expected that the lowest achieving individuals would have the highest anxiety.

Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction  by O’Connell, S. & SanGiovanni, J., (2011).

Fantastic teaching resource. It gives rationale behind the teaching as well as strategies and activities you can use with students.