Class Prep was to watch a couple videos on classroom routines

Third Grade Math – meaningful math routines. (25 min)

What strategies and ideas do you see? Which are your favorites?

I really liked the math songs. Children love singing and learn well through song. There is a link to the song lyrics beside the youtube video that will be really helpful. I also really liked that she recognized those children that were putting in a lot of effort, rather than those that are good at math.

Closing a lesson, what tips work for you? (4 min)

Why is it important to close your lesson?

It is important to close a lesson to give the students an opportunity to reflect on their learning.

Measuring Penny – backward design

Math Makes Sense – Tim believes it is the best math textbook out right now in Canada. Although I haven’t had much experience with other math textbooks I can understand why he thinks that. There are ideas for assessment as and for learning and how to make math inclusive in each unit of the text. There are also appendices with examples of what to send home to parents and also tests and rubrics. It helps to make math easy for teachers.